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Model G2.62VF
The Original GRIP2 Umbrella
Price: $54.95



  • A fixed grip and a slidable grip
    • The slidable grip makes it up to 70% easier to control the umbrella in wind
    • Bracing the umbrella against the wind keeps you dry; GRIP2 makes this incredibly easy
    • Slidable grip provides comfortable and reliable one-hand control in most conditions -  a GRIP2 exclusive!
  • Auto-open & "grip-assist" close; easy to operate; never any pinching
  • Generous 62" arc length
    • Maximum coverage + Maximum control = Unmatched performance
  • Vented canopy resists inversion
  • 190T nylon taffeta with waterproof coating
  • Durable fiberglass shaft and ribs
  • 43.5" long when closed
  • Ergonomic, rubberized, soft-feel grips
  • Available Colors: Black, Navy, Black&White, Navy&White
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • To Open:
    Release velcro tie straps. Press the OPEN lever on GRIP2. Umbrella will automatically open.

  • To Reposition GRIP2:
    Lift CAMLOCK lever. Slide GRIP2 to desired position. Close CAMLOCK lever.
    NOTE: CAMLOCK lever must be lifted before sliding GRIP2 to avoid damage to shaft and CAMLOCK.

  • To Close:
    Lift CAMLOCK lever. Slide GRIP2 to the top of the shaft until the runner "clicks" into GRIP2. Pull GRIP2 down to close the umbrella. Close the CAMLOCK lever. Wrap the canopy around the umbrella and secure with velcro tie straps.
    NOTE: Make sure umbrella is dry before closing for storage.
Available Colors:


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