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What makes a GRIP2 umbrella so innovative and unique?

right_video left_ban1left_ban2This patented, innovative dual-grip design provides unmatched performance in wind and rain.  One of the most impressive features is the single-hand control for quickly bracing the umbrella against the wind – that’s the key to staying dry!  By locating the slidable grip higher up the shaft, it’s up to 70% easier to hold & control the umbrella in strong wind, thanks to grip ergonomics and leverage.  This breakthrough feature – which is a GRIP2 exclusive – has been mysteriously overlooked for over 2000 years!

left_ban3It’s Climate Smart and Custom Cool!  The dual-grips not only provide outstanding performance, but withFree Ground Shipping our new bold, head-turning grip patterns on the G2 TRENDSETTER model they grab attention.

 This transforms the umbrella from a necessary-evil commodity into a high-performing lifestyle accessory that you’ll want to carry even when the chance of rain is small.  Customization of the G2 TRENDSETTER and G2 SELECT models is offered through selection of grip color & finish, ferrule color and even DIY decoration of removable tie straps.  There simply is no other umbrella that performs or looks like a GRIP2.  Great for golfers, commuters, dog walkers, spectators at outdoor events, and anyone who enjoys being outside.  Makes a great gift for men & women.