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Referral Program


Absolutely!  Here's how simple it is.

  1. Record your unique referral code we provide when you purchase an umbrella via our online store. 
  2. Share that referral code with friends, family, and colleagues
  3. Receive $10 cash for each qualified referral purchase by a new customer who uses your code on our online store (see details below)  
  4. Your friend gets $5 off of each umbrella purchased during their initial new-customer transaction

Program Details

After you have purchased a GRIP2 umbrella on the GRIP2 website store, we encourage you to spread the word about the GRIP2 umbrella to friends, family and colleagues. We offer a $10 reward for each new referral that leads to a qualified referral purchase of a GRIP2 umbrella on the GRIP2 website retail store. This is not a credit towards a future purchase. This is money in your pocket. And there is no limit on the number of new referral rewards you can receive for qualified purchases. Your friend gets a $5 discount on each umbrella purchased using your code.

Please note that the referral reward is based on a qualified referral purchase by your friend. The reward amount is not based on the total dollar amount of that friend's purchase.

EXAMPLE 1: Joe buys one (1) GRIP2 umbrella using your code. You get a $10 check for his qualified referral purchase. Joe gets a $5 discount on his qualified referral purchase.

EXAMPLE 2: Jane buys two (2) or more GRIP2 umbrellas using your code. You get a $10 check for her qualified referral purchase. Jane gets a $5 discount on each umbrella she purchases.

To participate, record the code that is assigned to you during the checkout process (included in your shipping notification e-mail and on the packing slip shipped with the product), and provide that code to friends for use in the checkout processes. Allow 8 weeks for processing of a reward from the time of a qualified referral purchase.

Definition of a Qualified Referral Purchase: Retail purchase of one or more GRIP2 umbrellas on the GRIP2 website store not involving a return of the GRIP2 umbrella purchase within the allowable 30-day money back return timeframe. A return for a maximum refund within the allowable 30-day period from purchase prevents that purchase from being a qualified referral purchase.

The terms of the referral program are subject to change without notice.

Any accrued rewards that are pending at the time of a change to the terms of the referral rewards program will be honored by GRIP2 LLC, provided the terms of the referral rewards program in effect at the time of purchase are met.


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