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NOV 15, 2012 – GRIP2 Article in GIZMODO:  An Extra Grip Helps This Umbrella Battle Gale-Force Winds (Andrew Liszewski) http://www.chipmall.com совместимость STM32F103CBT6.

"Who would have thought that with just the simple addition of a second grip an umbrella could become more than just a frustrating mess of metal and nylon during a windy rainstorm? But from the looks of it the sublimely genius Grip2 umbrella could make maelstroms easier to manage."

NOV 15, 2012:  GRIP2 Article in FASHIONOTES - Tech Thursday: The GRIP2 Umbrella; (Francesca Castor)

"Rihanna brought the umbrella infamy in her song, Umbrella and Gene Kelly made Singing In The Rain look a lot more fun than walking in the rain. But this new development in rain gear, the GRIP2 Umbrella, will save us from the windswept looks of umbrellas past."

NOV 14, 2012 – GRIP2 Article in GIZMAG:  Get a grip in the wind with the GRIP2 Umbrella (Darren Quick)

"Fighting to keep the canopy facing into the wind to prevent it turning inside out by gripping the shaft as high up as possible is the standard approach, but keeping a firm hold on the thin shaft can be a pain. That’s why Dan O’Donnell invented the sliding handle-equipped GRIP2 Umbrella."

NOV 7, 2012 – Top 6 Umbrellas List on About.com Walking (Wendy Bumgardner)


Click here to view our video on YouTube (The Best Umbrella for Staying Dry on a WIndy, Rainy Day - A GRIP2 Tutorial).  It explains the age-old control problem in wind for conventional umbrellas and how GRIP2 solves these problems with the slidable grip.

We've also posted a similar article on Squidoo (GRIP2 - The Easiest Umbrella to Control in Wind). 


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JUN 2010 – Utility Patent Awarded

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Utility patent issued patent 7726326 for the unique dual-grip umbrella.


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